Liquid packaging companies and food packaging companies in general are always looking for ways to improve efficiency. Packaging equipment eventually begins to show its age and there is a need to improve processes.

Spartan Parts – a subsidiary of Fogg Filler Company in Holland Michigan, designed to specifically address these opportunities. Spartan Parts are not just for the Fogg machines, but for all upgrades and consumable parts in your plant. Everything is backed by the same expert engineering and service you have grown to trust in the Fogg brand. We are proud to be a small part of our customer’s great success. Don’t let poor performance or aging equipment slow you down, contact Spartan Parts for your next equipment improvement project!


Upgraded Local Organic Dairy Farm 7 Valve Filler

Upgraded Local Organic Dairy Farm 7 Valve Filler

Spartan Parts had the opportunity to upgrade a local dairy filler – a 1950's seven (7) ... More