Brand-New Spartan Parts Website!

Holland, Michigan… Spartan Parts, a subsidiary of Fogg Filler Company, is focused on custom parts design and fabrication for your commercial filling equipment. Spartan Parts is specifically designed to look for ways to improve the efficiencies of an organization’s liquid and food packaging needs. Spartan Parts was developed to support all non-Fogg upgrades and consumable parts in your facility. Spartan Parts has just made buying your parts a whole lot easier than before with their brand-new website.

This brand-new Spartan Parts website features a full online store containing almost all Spartan Parts inventory. Now, you can have an Amazon-like shopping experience when buying replacement parts from the Spartan Parts store. This new and improved shopping experience gives you the ability to shop in a way that meets your specific needs. While browsing the store, you can filter the products by OEM, part type, or even the exact part number you may be looking for. The website also features an updated manuals page where existing customers can download files and manuals for their specific machines. Customers will now have personalized accounts when browsing the new store, with an account dashboard where they can view their previous orders and machine manuals.

Spartan Parts could be the right choice for your organization! They will work to have better lead times, exceptional customer service, and more cost-effective pricing than the OEMs that you are familiar with. They also have a clean, easy to use, website that will allow you to order items 24/7. Spartan Parts is willing to work with you to improve your replacement parts service, as well as upgrade your machinery for optimum performance. Please consult a Spartan Parts representative to discuss your individual needs by calling them at 616-377-7150 or visiting their website at

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