Grocery Chain – Customer Testimonial

Holland, Michigan… Spartan Parts, a new subsidiary of Fogg Filler Company, is focused on custom parts design and fabrication for your commercial filling equipment. Spartan Parts is specifically designed to look for ways to improve the efficiencies of an organization’s liquid and food packaging needs. Spartan Parts was not designed to assist existing Fogg machines. Instead, it was developed to support all non-Fogg upgrades and consumable parts in your facility. All Spartan Parts products are backed by the same expert engineering and experience you have grown to trust.

In a recent interview, a representative from a grocery chain, expressed his satisfaction with the Spartan Parts rebuild of their machine. The interviewee originally discovered Spartan Parts’ capabilities while on a plant tour for another machine. It was after the tour that the grocery chain decided to entrust their Filler Specialties machine to Spartan Parts for a rebuild. The machine that was sent to Spartan Parts for a rebuild had 12 filling valves, 4 capping heads and was running both half and full gallon bottles of vinegar. The representative’s problem with the machine originated from the OEM not being able to provide a solution to the issue of the snap caps having a tab on the end of them, interlocking them together. Spartan Parts was able to step in and engineer a solution to meet their needs. Not only was Spartan Parts able to resolve the snap cap issue, but they also replaced two sets of change parts, upgraded the chucks, installed a new D-18 cap sorter, upgraded their diaphragms, modified a single tier enclosure, and did a full machine clean-up for the grocery chain. Specifically, the interviewee stated that he was impressed with Spartan Parts’ “ability to take ownership” of the machine, and how they were willing to correct any potential issues that might arise in the future, proving that they stand proudly by their products. The representative also appreciated how the Spartan Parts Manager provided a breakdown list of services that were originally quoted and gave some suggestions on how the machine could be improved even further. Overall, the client was impressed with Spartan Parts’ product and service during the process.

Spartan Parts could be the right choice for your organization! They will work to have better lead times, exceptional customer service, and more cost-effective pricing than the OEMs that you are familiar with. They also have a clean, easy to use, website that will allow you to order items 24/7. Spartan Parts is willing to work with you to improve your replacement parts service, as well as upgrade your machinery for optimum performance. Please consult a Spartan Parts representative to discuss your individual needs by calling them at 616-377-7150 or visiting their website at

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