Introducing Spartan Parts

Holland, Michigan… Spartan Parts, a new subsidiary of Fogg Filler Company, is focused on custom parts design and fabrication for your commercial filling equipment. Spartan Parts is specifically designed to look for ways to improve the efficiencies of an organizations liquid and food packaging needs. Spartan Parts was not designed to assist existing Fogg machines. Instead it was developed to support all non-Fogg upgrades and consumable parts in your facility. All Spartan Parts products are backed by the same expert engineering and service you have grown to trust from the Fogg brand.

Spartan Parts has a dedicated sales team who are highly trained in the packaging industry. This team is capable of spotting areas that may benefit from upgrades or adjustments. The Spartan Parts sales team are all well versed in replacement parts for packaging equipment, specializing in Federal, Cherry Burrell, Ave, Horix, Filler Specialties, and many others to meet all of your needs. They are always available to visit you on site, make recommendations, provide a quote, and walk you through the ordering process.

Spartan Parts engineering professionals are experts in in their field. Their SolidWorks 3D designs allow them to confidently fit your new parts on to existing equipment with extreme precision. Each of their engineers brings expertise in many different areas, but they all excel in stainless steel and plastic designs for sanitary packaging applications. This allows them to create new designs, improve on existing processes, or reverse engineer your current parts to bring you the best performance and value.

The machine shop at Spartan Parts is proudly equipped with a full-service team of CNC Machinists. This group provides a full, top of the line machine set up to supply their customers with the best products possible. They operate 3, 4, and 5 axis CNC machines along with other state of the art CNC equipment, designed to save time and money building complex parts with minimum set ups. The result is shorter lead times and better prices for your replacement parts. After machining, all parts are sent through quality control to ensure the best products for the customer.

Spartan Parts is the right choice for your organization! They will work to have better lead times, exceptional customer service, and more cost-effective pricing than the OEMs that you are used to working with. Not only is Spartan Parts an ideal choice over other OEMs, but they are also developing a clean, easy to use, website that will allow you to order items 24/7.

Spartan Parts is willing to work with you to improve your replacement parts service, as well as upgrade your machinery for optimum performance. Please consult a Spartan Parts representative to discuss your individual needs by calling them at 616-377-7150 or visiting their website at

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