Southern Dairy – Customer Testimonial

Holland, Michigan… Spartan Parts, a subsidiary of Fogg Filler Company, is focused on custom parts design and fabrication for your commercial filling equipment. Spartan Parts is specifically designed to look for ways to improve the efficiencies of an organization’s liquid and food packaging needs. Spartan Parts was developed to support all non-Fogg upgrades and consumable parts in your facility. All Spartan Parts products are backed by the same expert engineering and experience you have grown to trust.

A southern dairy recently expressed their satisfaction with Spartan Parts’ product and service after they received a complete filler rebuild from Spartan Parts. Originally, the customer looked to their OEM to get help with their filler, but after years of poor customer service, they decided that enough was enough and sought out the help of Spartan Parts. The dairy tasked Spartan Parts with replacing the filler infeed, deck plates, change parts, filling valves, cap sorter, level control for the bowl, capping heads, and the product inlet valve. Shortly after talking with a Spartan Parts representative, it became clear that they were the obvious choice to get the solution and service they had been searching for.

There was an interview conducted with the Production and Maintenance Supervisors from the dairy on Spartan Parts’ performance. The Supervisors were assured that they would be getting an excellent product from Spartan Parts due to a previous project Spartan Parts had helped them with, and because they are backed by expert Fogg Filler engineering. When the Supervisors were asked about their projects with Spartan Parts, they stated, “It went really well! It was better than we expected!” Overall, the Supervisors were very pleased with Spartan Parts’ service, and lead times. One of the aspects of Spartan Parts that the Supervisors enjoyed the most was how well they were accommodated throughout the whole process. They stated that they were “very well taken care of” and that “Spartan Parts was very forth-coming with the information that they needed”. A highlight from the Supervisors’ experience with Spartan Parts was the speed of the service compared to most OEMs. For example, there was an issue with a lid-cap, and Spartan Parts had a new one built and in their hands within 24 hours! The southern dairy is already talking to Spartan Parts about their next project with them.

Spartan Parts could be the right choice for your organization! They will work to have better lead times, exceptional customer service, and more cost-effective pricing than the OEMs that you are familiar with. They also have a clean, easy to use, website that will allow you to order items 24/7. Spartan Parts is willing to work with you to improve your replacement parts service, as well as upgrade your machinery for optimum performance. Please consult a Spartan Parts representative to discuss your individual needs by calling them at 616-377-7150 or visiting their website at

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