Spartan Parts New Hires for Sales and Design Engineer

Holland, Michigan USA… Spartan Parts is focused on custom part designs and fabrications for commercial filling equipment. We are specifically trained to look for ways to improve the efficiencies of an organization’s liquid and food packaging needs. Spartan Parts was developed to support all non-Fogg equipment, upgrades, and consumable parts in our existing and new customers facility. We back our company’s equipment upgrades and products with the same expert engineering and services that our customers have grown to trust from Fogg and the trusted support of the ProMach Family.  Spartan Parts can offer our customers a great alternative to their OEMs.

Spartan Parts has hired new Sales and Design Engineer team members to help support more of their customers. The Spartan Parts growing team has now added over thirty (30) years in the filling and packaging industry. Spartan Parts now has the legacy knowledge and talent that has served over 150 different machines from multiple different manufacturers, including IMA, Horix, and Federal.

Spartan Parts uses a portable 3D digital scanner to provide the customer with the correct size change parts needed to bring their machine back to optimum performance. The ability to bring the scanner to the plant right to the machine, creates a quick turnaround on engineering and manufacturing, giving Spartan Parts customers a more efficient turnaround time. Once we gather the information on the machine, the customer can order parts as-needed.

Spartan Parts is here to support you.  We have a team that will answer the phone, send technicians on location, and follow your projects through to a successful completion.  Spartan Parts could be the right choice for your organization over the OEMs when it comes to cost-saving, and exceptional customer services. Spartan Parts team wants to help your organization improve your equipment consumable parts, upgrade machinery for optimum performance, and support your non-Fogg Filler equipment. Please consult with Mike Raczynski at (616) 377-7175 or to discuss your individual needs.


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