Spirits Vacuum Filler Valves Replace with Gravity

Holland, Michigan USA… Spartan Parts, a subsidiary of Fogg Filler Company, is focused on custom part designs and fabrication for commercial filling equipment. We are specifically designed to look for ways to improve the efficiencies of an organization’s liquid and food packaging needs. Spartan Parts was developed to support all non-Fogg Filler equipment, upgrades, and consumable parts in our existing and new customers filling facility. We back our company’s equipment upgrades and products with the same expert engineering and services that our customers have grown to trust from the Fogg Filler brand. Spartan Parts can offer our customers a great advantage when it comes to spirits vacuum filler valve replacement.

Being able to save time and ease to the production line is one of the main focuses that Spartan Parts wants to achieve when working with customers on creating a gravity valve to retrofit to their vacuum filler. By replacing the customer’s current vacuum valve with a Spartan Parts Gravity Fill Valve, the valve will be able to fill spirits at existing or faster speeds. While allowing for maintenance to be completed in minutes versus an hour.

These valves are made with one (1) moving part and two (2) seals to make maintenance and troubleshooting much simpler than previous vacuum filler valves. This newly designed valve is much quicker to clean saving about one (1) hour per valve. The polymer tip assures there will be no chipping of the glass bottles and the custom adapter to the bowl allows for easy installation.

Spartan Parts could be the right choice for your organization! Our team will work with your organizations to have better lead times and more cost-effective pricing. Not only is Spartan Parts an ideal choice over other OEMs when it comes to cost-saving, but our exceptional customer services team is willing to help. Spartan Parts team wants to help your organization improve your equipment consumable parts, upgrade machinery for optimum performance, and support your non-Fogg Filler equipment. Please consult with Mike Raczynski at (616) 377-7175 or miker@spartanparts.com to discuss your individual needs.


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