Upgraded Local Organic Dairy Farm 7 Valve Filler

Spartan Parts had the opportunity to upgrade a local dairy filler – a 1950’s seven (7) valve filling machine. Due to the age of the machine, the original manufacture is no longer in business, making it difficult to find valves and diaphragms to meet the dairy farm’s needs. Spartan Parts was given forty-eight (48) hours to inspect, troubleshoot, make the repairs, and get the machine back to the dairy farm. To ensure that their fresh product gets to its customers, the local dairy farm requested a quick turn around and quality work to meet code expectations and increase their filling performance.

The new diaphragm on the upgraded
valve, with a new welded spud

The Spartan Parts technicians found a solution; update the valves to a modern and efficient design and weld on new spuds for the valves to be able to fit correctly in the bowl. Also, provide new diaphragms that could be easily sourced from Spartan Parts. Within 14 hours, Spartan Parts was able to accomplish the task and send the machine back to the dairy farm to start bottling their certified organic milk.

Spartan Parts valve for
dairy applications

Internal Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) and Customer FAT’s are insurance that the machines leaving the Spartan Parts facilities perform for our customer’s requirements. During this project the Internal or Customer FAT was not able to be complete in the time provided, guarantying that all the parts were working properly. After receiving the updated machine, the dairy experienced some additional troubles, glass bottles being vacuumed locked to the spacers. Our valve technology pushes air out while the bottle is being filled and sometimes it creates suction to the bottle. Without the correct spacers for the right bottle, some suctioning may occur. Spartan Parts was able to send out the special spacer for a simple cost-effective solution. With Spartan Parts, prompt fulfillment, and shipping the farm was able to start bottling within twenty-four (24) hours.

This is just one of many stories Spartan Parts can share in being a great solution for your needed updates or upgrades in your filling lines. Have a Biner Ellison Filler, Federal, Horix, or MBF or other non-Fogg machines that may need an upgrade or new part? Please consult with Mike Raczynski at (616) 377-7175 or mike.raczynski@promachbuilt.com to discuss your individual needs.

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